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What are Spacemice?

A typical computer mouse has only two degrees of freedom. Translational motion along X and Y axis. Some would argue that the mouse wheel offers a 3rd degree of freedom, allowing for the input of Z data. Though the rolling of a mouse wheel with your finger isnt exactly intuitive as related to vertical motion as picking the mouse up off the desk would be. In 3D applications, it is more often used to 'zoom' the viewing area in and out.

By contrast, Spacemice allow six degrees of freedom. (6DOF)
The puck or ball of a spacemouse can be moved along X, Y and Z axis as well as being twisted rotationally on each of those axis. (Roll, Pitch and Yaw)

This wiki is dedicated to the gathering of any and all historical information pertaining to the various models of these controllers.

Where to Find Spacemice

  • 3DConnexion — Makers of the Space Navigator, Space Explorer, Space Pilot Pro 3dconnexion@YouTube 3dconnexion@Twitter
  • Trioc AB — Homepage for the Trioc 3D Pro, Sweden
  • Sandio — Makers of the Sandio 3D O2

Driver Software

  • 3DxWare — Official drier software for 3DConnexion devices
  • 3DxLabsBeta drivers for 3DConnexion devices
  • Spatial Freedom — Drivers and Application plugins for the Astroid 6000
  • Trioc — Software downloads for the Trioc 3D Pro
  • SpaceController — Software downloads for the SpaceController
  • spacenavd — Open source driver for 3DConnexion Spacemice
  • spnavkbd — Translates spacemouse movement to keypresses
  • LibSBall — Open source driver library for serial Spaceballs
  • LibOrb — Open source library files for SpaceOrb/Spaceball Avenger
  • Orbduino — Arduino project allowing serial spacemice to be used as USB HID.
  • Orbotron 9000 GitHub repository — Latest software for this adapter
  • HIDSporb Project — An opensource Windows driver for the SpaceOrb.
  • Spaceball vJoy Feeder — Spaceballs recognized as standard joysticks via vJoy

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Historical Gallery









Spacemice though the years, arranged chronologically by manufacturer.

Users Gallery

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Mystery Devices


There are many Spacemice of which there is very little information available. Some were prototypes which never went into production, other have simply been lost to antiquity. Please look over the devices in this section and help me document them.

NOT Spacemice...


While some of these devices can add some degrees of freedom above and beyond the normal everyday mouse, they are not truly Spacemice.